Tarrant County Reentry Coalition
Tarrant County Reentry Coalition

For Ex-Offenders

For "returning citizens" -- those Tarrant County residents just returning to society from jail or prison -- the TARRANT COUNTY REENTRY RESOURCE DIRECTORY was developed especially for you!

You will find all the resources you need to jump start your reentry plan here in Tarrant County. The Resource Directory has a listing of all the available resources in Tarrant County.  Feel free to search the remainder of the website and explore other tips and resources available to make your transition a smooth one. 

We know that this will not be an easy process, but with the right attitude and positive work ethic, it can be accomplished. We speak from experience.

Remember, you are not alone! These organizations want you to succeed and can give you the right tools to do so.

If you were handed a print-out of this list when you got out and now are here on the website, please Contact Us to tell us how the list worked (or is working) for you.

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