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Tarrant County Reentry Coalition

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At Reentry First-Stop Center for Tarrant County, we embrace the core values of integrity, excellence, and a committment to serve others.  Our team of exceptional leaders work passionatly to instill these values in the hearts and minds of those we serve and we strive to model these same values in our own lives.

Andre L. Johnson is the Director of the Reenrty First-Stop Center for Tarrant County. He is known for his strong leadership, the ability to forge collaborations, effective training and staff development. For the past 10 years Andre worked with Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County as Special Projects Facilitator, Corporate Trainer, Special Projects Manager/Administrator, and Center Manager.


As Facilitator and Manager he wrote and developed trainings for programs such as Project WISH, (Workforce Innovative Solutions to Homelessness), Non-Custodial Parents, (NCP), and “FACT” (Fathers And Children Together). While working in these leadership roles, Workforce Solutions/Special Projects was awarded the Texas Workforce Commission “Transition to Work” Award. In 2009, Mr. Johnson was awarded the Jodi Spiegel Enhancement of Customer Service Award for his work with the homeless population.  This award, presented by The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals “NAWDP” in Washington, D.C.,  annually recognizes one United States citizen who directly affects the customers of the workforce development system through enhanced assessment strategies, customer focused procedures, and related services.  Mr. Johnson was chosen from among nominees nationwide as the single award recipient. 


As Corporate Trainer he designed and wrote the curriculum for the “Ladder of Excellence Leadership” program, a six month program designed to equip current and aspiring leaders with the necessary tools needed to lead and build an effective team.  The training enrolled and served over 400 participants.


Mr. Johnson embraces the core values and principles of integrity, ingenuity, education and commitment. He is dedicated to the advancement of every individual that walks in the First-Stop Center. In addition, Andre is an inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, licensed minister, and college degreed professional who believes, “If you build the people, the people will build”.

Monty Sharp is a Reentry Housing Consultant and Reentry Coordinator at The Reentry First-Stop Center for Tarrant County in Fort Worth, Texas.  He is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, mentor, and public speaker who has a relentless passion to make a positive impact in the lives of other formerly incarcerated people.


During his time of incarceration, Monty earned both his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Religious Studies from Nations University in New Orleans, Louisianna.  He also served as a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Certified Peer Education Facilitor and taught hundreds of his fellow offenders how to stay healthy, positive, and productive during and after their time of incarceration.


In addition to his other roles, Monty now serves as a Certified Volunteer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  Prior to his incarceration, Monty was a licensed clinician in the field of Physical Therapy for 18 years and he also owned a successful coaching and consulting business. Linkedin Profile

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